New Moon In Cancer
Published: July 21, 2020 by: Laura Mausolf

I know, I know, I shouldn’t be posting another post so soon. Buutttt, I have to for a couple of reasons. One, tonight is a new moon and the start of a new moon cycle. So, if we want to work on manifesting with the moon we need to start tonight:) Manifesting with the moon is a way to harness extra energy from the universe and make it work for you. Second, it is a new moon in Cancer which happens to be my zodiac sign so I am feeling pretty emotional about sharing this with you.  So if I haven’t scared you off yet with my woo woo talk here is what that means.

Cancer is known by the zodiac signs to be emotional, intuitive, loyal, nurturing, sensitive, compassionate, and self-protective. So if you are feeling extra emotional or pulled to make decisions on how you are feeling vs. logic, welcome to life as a cancer. Strong emotions may surface so be sure to give yourself permission to feel them instead of sweeping them under the rug.  Be sure to tune in to your body tonight and check-in with how you are feeling, this is the beginning of listening to your intuition. Pay special attention to how you feel in your gut or solar plexus. Cancer is the home of nurturing, home, and family so it might be helpful to spend some time at home connecting with your family.

Tonight you will see the stars shining, but the night sky will be dark. This is because the new moon is when the Moon, Earth, and Sun are all in alignment and the moon is hidden behind the Earth’s shadow. The moon currently appears to be on hiatus. This makes it the perfect time to harness the energy of new beginnings.

A new beginning means a new start, a clean slate. Perhaps for a new project, job, or love. Whatever happened in the previous moon cycle that you may have been unhappy with can be looked at with fresh eyes.

A new moon is a perfect time to let yourself dream and to get into the feeling place of your wants and dreams. Think about what you would feel like if you had that thing that you are working towards. Get down to the details.

This is the time for a new moon ritual. This is a peak time for creative energy, new ways of looking at a problem, or perhaps coming up with new ideas. Here are some ways to set yourself up for a new moon ritual:

  • Take a bath with your favorite bath salts, candles, crystals, whatever makes you feel pampered. While in the tub, imagine the water washing away any old energy you are ready to let go of and watch in your mind as it washes down the drain.
  • Find a quiet place for meditation. Sit quietly by yourself and begin to focus on just your breath. If you need something to focus on, think of your new moon beginning, what is it you want to start fresh for the next 30 days. Well, 29,5 if you want to be precise.  If you are new to meditation, think of it as 5 min of time to be alone. (Find a hiding spot in the closet if you need to hide from the kids).
  • Find some time to pamper yourself with a fresh coat of nail polish, an outfit that makes you feel great, eat food that benefits your body and makes you feel good.

This new moon is where you can take some time to explore ideas you can take to the next level. A way to move this along is to set intentions with the moon. The secret to setting intentions for yourself if to write them out and act as if they are already happening or here. Use phrases like:

  • I am…
  • I will…
  • I  have…

Write with passion and gratitude. Leave the negative words out of the intention. Leaving can’t,  should, if, the things that focus on the lack of not having whatever it is you intend to have. Forget words like try, but, and maybe. Be strong and state what it is you want out loud after you write them. Say them until you believe them and feel good about them. Remember these things will come to you when you align your energy with what is out in the universe. Focus on how it would feel to have those in your life right now. Get crazy and have fun. Keep these in your journal and revisit them often. Add any details that may pop up through this moon phase.

Take this time over the next three days to give yourself a fresh start! Happy New Moon!

Much love,


Let me know if you get stuck or have any questions about this!

  • ADanielleJuly 21, 2020

    Yes, new beginnings are happening! I am feeling blessed. I am happy. I am strong. I am focused.

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