hey, I'm laura!

I have found that learning all about mindfulness and being is an amazing way to deal with the stress and chaos in our busy world. My goal in life is to help others learn to implement ways to cultivate their mind. I do this by offering coaching as an emotional guide. To help you overcome a negative mindset and launch you in to life with passion and the ability to just be.  I am here  to help women design a life they love instead of living by default. My passion for helping other women and mothers began after fighting a 20 year battle with anxiety, depression and self doubt. After my personal journey and finding a way to conquer and overcome these obstacles, I felt that I needed to share what I have learned. There is an amazing need for women to help support, encourage and influence each other to become our best selves. I love to inspire and help other women to live their best life.

I have two young, wild, and sweet boys with my husband. They have changed my life for the better, but in the process, I have learned the importance of self-care during these busy years. Mindfulness and meditation are therapy and I can teach you how to implement them in to your life. There is a need for us to come together and support each other. If you want to join the movement and get support to become your best self, then join us in the Battle Transformation Group!   I offer one on one support and small group coaching! Let me know how I can help you transform your life!

Talk soon!